According to the Hillsdale County Sheriff Department, Moore returned to his home late Wednesday evening, unharmed.

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Missing Senior or Vulnerable Adult

Notice Provided Pursuant to Public Act 176 of 2012 (MCL 28.711 to 28.718)

Hillsdale County MI 12/26/2017 The Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of a missing senior or vulnerable adult. The missing person is Paul Eugene Moore, white/ male, age 84, 5’06” 230 lbs., blue eyes, short grey hair. Paul was last seen leaving his residence on W. Moore Rd. at approximately 9:45am today when he left in a 2017 Red Buick Lacrosse, unknown direction of travel.  Paul was wearing blue jeans, a grey stripe shirt, and white tennis shoes.

The missing person is a “senior or vulnerable adult” as that term defined in Public Act 176 of 2012, codified at MCL 28.711 to 28.718, and this notice is being provided pursuant to that statue in order to aid in him/her being safely located and returned home. This missing person is not suspected of any criminal wrong doing. This press release is being provided to one or more broadcasters in an area where the missing person may be located based upon the information we have available at this time. We are requesting that the news media broadcaster in receipt of the press release:

Notify the public that there is a missing senior or vulnerable adult medical alert

Request that you broadcast or publish a description of the missing senior or vulnerable adult and any other relevant information that would assist in locating the missing senior or vulnerable adult.

If the missing vulnerable adult, Paul Eugene Moore is located or if anyone had information related to this matter, please call the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office 517-437-7317 or 911.

For more information on the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department please see our web site;


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