Hillsdale County COVID-19 Hotspot

Hillsdale County is officially a hotspot for coronavirus infections and deaths. Board of County Commissioners Chairman, Mark Wiley, says officials learned in an update this morning that a sixth Hillsdale County resident has died as a result of COVID-19; that death was reported by the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility, where staff are working to contain an outbreak that has claimed the lives of three residents and infected several staff members and residents. Tri-county health officials now say there are a total of 66 confirmed cases of the virus in Hillsdale County, up from 56 Tuesday. Hillsdale currently leads all of Michigan’s rural counties in infections and deaths. Wiley said officials are stressing the importance of following guidelines: if you don’t NEED to be out and about, stay home; if you absolutely MUST go out, wear a mask and use other protective measures; wash your hands frequently, and follow the basic recommendations that have been in the news every day for weeks.

Listen to WCSR News Director Russ Martin’s full interview with Mark Wiley.

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