If you’ve been tested for COVID-19 recently by the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency, you may not be notified of a positive test result. According to a press release from the Health Agency, procedures for case investigations have changed due to widespread community transmission placing a tremendous strain on public health capacity. The Agency says there are more cases than there is capacity to handle the large number of new positive cases. Because of this, local health department staff may not contact every positive case. To maximize staffing resources and prevent outbreaks amongst vulnerable individuals, the Health Agency is prioritizing case investigation to notify people age 65 and older, individuals 22 years old or younger who may be attending school in-person, and those residing in congregate living environments.


The Health Agency says residents in Branch HIllsdale and St. Joseph counties are requested to take personal action if they are awaiting test results. Residents should stay home until the results are in and isolate themselves from others. More information and COVID resources can be found at b-h-s-j dot org.