County National Bank is alerting customers to fraudulent phone calls that are aimed at stealing banking and other personal information. 

CNB officials say they’ve  been notified that customers are receiving phone calls that appear to be coming from the bank. The caller informs the customer that urgent action is necessary to keep someone from stealing money from their account. 

The caller offers help–However, it’s a scam. The crooks will use information gained from the unwitting customer to drain the victim’s account. CNB officials say customers should never share account information with a caller or allow a caller access to their computer. Officials also warn against responding to voicemails asking you to hit a number to be directed to a customer service representative. If you receive a call and you’re unsure of whether you’re actually speaking to a CNB employee, simply hang up and call the bank directly at 517-439-4300 or 888-322-1088.

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