The Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners has approved an agreement to take possession of property at LeAnn in order to have permanent access to the dams that control the lake’s water levels.

At Tuesday’s regular meeting, the commissioners heard a presentation from attorney Kyle O’Meara on the benefits of acquiring the land, which is owned by the Lake Association. 

He said the county is legally responsible for the dams, regardless of who owns the property. 

The Lake Association agreed to transfer the property at a cost of one-dollar. 

In exchange, the county will continue to allow the Lake Association to access amenities, including pathways on the property. The county agreed that the land won’t be used for a park–and won’t be transferred to another owner.

The Commissioners voted unanimously to acquire the land. 

O’Meara said the lake level requirement is set by state law and a 1975 order from the Hillsdale County Circuit Court

Hillsdale County Commissioners discuss Lake Leann property acquisition
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