A local utility provider is working to make listeners and social media users aware of ongoing scams targeting utility customers. 

Michigan Gas Utilities is teaming up with law enforcement across southern Michigan to protect customers from con artists.

The company has kicked off a social media campaign aimed at flooding online news feeds with important safety information.

Utility scams have been circulating for years–scammers appear to be keeping up with the times–using technology and the latest social media to con customers out of thousands of dollars each year. 

Scammers can manipulate caller ID to make it appear a phone call is actually coming from Michigan Gas Utilities–or another utility provider. 

They use threats to keep potential victims off-guard–the most common threat is to turn off the customer’s service.

They typically demand immediate payment via prepaid debit card or a third party app like Venmo or PayPal–

A legitimate utility would not ask for those types of payments. 

If you suspect you’re the target of a scam call, simply hang up! Utility officials say it’s not rude–it’s safe.  

You can call your utility provider directly to clear up any questions about your bill or service.


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