New York state officials have levied a hefty fine against a Michigan company that formerly operated a factory in Hillsdale. 

Attorney General Letitia James, earlier this month, announced the sentencing of Thomas Parsons and his window manufacturing company Litex, Inc. for altering and falsifying laboratory performance test reports for windows that were commonly purchased and installed in K-12 public school buildings and college dormitories throughout upstate New York.

According to a press release from James’ office Parsons and Rochester Hills based Litex pled guilty to Felony Scheming to Defraud in the First Degree, back in July of this year.  

Judge Susan Eagan sentenced  Parsons to five years probation and Litex to pay $3 million dollars in restitution to property owners who purchased the substandard windows. 

Parsons and Litex are also banned from doing business in New York State.

The Attorney General’s investigation determined that Parsons was responsible for falsifying or fabricating information on window testing lab reports to make Litex windows appear to be compliant with the Building Code so he could then sell them to unknowing property owners.

Under the terms of an agreement with the Office of the Attorney General, if Litex fails to pay full restitution, both Parsons and Litex will be resentenced–which could include a prison term. 

Officials said prior to sentencing, Parsons and Litex paid $1.5 million dollars–or about half of what is owed.

Litex closed its factory in the Hillsdale Industrial Park earlier this year, after 50 years of operation.

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