The company that is responsible for a technical glitch that caused widespread 9-1-1 outages across the state, says it’s making a major investment to ensure the issue is resolved permanently. 

Peninsula Fiber Network (PFN) is the owner of a failed network router in the Upper Peninsula that is believed to be to blame for a Tuesday evening outage that affected 9-1-1 centers across much of Michigan, including Hillsdale County. 

A large portion of the state had little to no access and residents were left  unable to dial 9-1-1. 

Hillsdale County 9-1-1 and Emergency Management Director Thomas Whitaker said local services were intermittently interrupted for about 90 minutes, before they were fully restored. 

Officials with PFN  say the company is investing $6-million to expedite the redesign of its network and install new  equipment that will improve the resilience of its 911 system. Although an exact completion is not clear, officials say the work will be completed over the next several months. 


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