Charges have been dismissed against a former counselor at Camp Michindoh who was charged in a fatal boating accident, last year. 

25 year-old Matthew Kovacic was scheduled for a pretrial hearing in Hillsdale County Circuit Court, Monday. 

He had been charged with a Marine Violation–Negligence Causing Death, in the July 2022 incident, that claimed the life of an eleven year-old Indiana girl. . 

Kovacic’s lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the charge based on the fact that safety protocols were followed and the death was the result of a tragic accident. 

The victim, Lucia Salazar, was one of several campers who were riding a tube being pulled by a boat driven by Kovacic. 

Kovacic had turned the boat around to pick up children who had fallen off–he failed to see Salazar, who was run over by the boat. 

Hillsdale County Prosecuting Attorney Neal Brady told WCSR News, the case was the result of a “very sad situation.” 

He said the charge of Marine Negligence is rarely used and is difficult to prosecute due to the nature of boating accidents. 

Brady said it’s difficult to prove what the pilot of a boat should or should not have been able to see from the driver’s seat. 


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  1. A very sad situation for the young victim and the pilot. The family of the young rider is forever changed, and the live of the pilot is too as well as all those who were there to witness. Please take advantage of boaters safety and certificate issuance to help learn how to reduce the change of such incidents. For information, see the HCSD or information from Lake Diane Community Association

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