Hillsdale County Sheriff Scott Hodshire is alerting area residents to a scam involving the threat of arrest or other action against the intended victim. 

Hodshire said a Hillsdale County resident recently received a call from the (313) area code. The caller told the local woman that a vehicle had been rented in her name and was found abandoned in Texas. Inside the car, Law enforcement found thirty-two pounds of Cocaine and other contraband.

The crooks went as far as giving the local resident a false Complaint number along with an arrest warrant number. They then asked the victim for banking information to pay bail and avoid arrest.

Hodshire said the call was definitely a SCAM–and if you fall for it you’re very unlikely to get your money back–

 313 is a Detroit area code. However, the crooks use sophisticated technology to “spoof” phone numbers. 

They actually operate from outside the U.S. making it impossible to catch and prosecute them

As always, never give sensitive information, including banking information, to an unsolicited caller–no matter who they claim to be. 

Sheriff Hodshire is also urging listeners to keep an eye on elderly friends and family and let them know of the potential for scams. 


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