Fire and weather officials are urging residents to avoid outdoor burning as the danger of grass and wildfires is very high. 

The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch in effect from noon Wednesday through 8:00 pm Wednesday–

Forecasters say high winds and low humidity will combine to increase the risk of the rapid spread of wildfires. 

The dry leaves and grass left over from winter tends to elevate the potential for grass and field fires this time of year.

Jonesville Fire Chief Dean Adair tells WCSR News, current conditions are right for a fire to quickly get out of hand–

The biggest danger comes from what are known as “one-hour materials”–those are grasses and other materials that dry out fast and can easily burn within an hour of a rainfall.

Now that drought conditions have eased, and as the region returns to normal moisture levels, the fire danger should diminish significantly as spring progresses and the grass “greens up.”

But for now, outdoor burning is strongly discouraged.

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