Hillsdale County District Court officials have announced that grant funding has been continued for a relatively new program that’s aimed at helping veterans who are on probation. 

The Veterans’ Track Probation Program is now one year old.

In May of last year District Court hired Retired Army Major Donald Michael as a part-time probation officer to oversee the program. 

The position is funded through a grant from the County Veteran Service Fund.

Major Michael works to connect veterans to their federal benefits and provide consistent access to services. 

The goal is to address the needs of the veteran probationer and reduce recidivism. 

Since its inception one year ago, the program has served twenty-one probationers. Three have successfully graduated. 

The probationers include individuals who have served in the army, navy, marine corps, and air force.

In a press release issued earlier this week, Judge Megan R.M. Stiverson announced that grant funding will continue through the current fiscal year

Judge Stiverson said The Veterans’ Track Probation Program has been more successful than originally hoped.

Stiverson praised Major Michael for his efforts, saying he’s done an “incredible job” in the role.  

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