The embattled Adams Township Clerk, who was recalled in an election last week, has filed a lawsuit against members of the Hillsdale County Clerk’s office and the Hillsdale County Election Commission. 

Stephanie Scott lost her bid to retain her seat in the May 2nd recall election. Suzy Roberts was elected to the position. 

The effort to recall Scott was initiated, last year, after she was sanctioned by the state for refusing to allow for maintenance work on township voting equipment. 

Scott made national news for her claims of fraud during the 2020 Presidential election and for her refusal to cooperate in the investigation into the alleged mishandling of voting equipment. 

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants, Hillsdale County Clerk Marney Kast, Chief Deputy Clerk Abe Dane and Members of the Hillsdale County Election Commission violated the U.S. Constitution by approving language on the petition to recall Scott and by allowing the election to move forward. 

In a forty page document filed May 1st in the Michigan Court of Claims, Scott is asking that the outcome of the election be overturned–She’s also asking the court to order the defendants to pay her legal fees. 

Michigan law allows for the recall of an elected official if a petitioner collects the required amount of voter signatures on a petition that has been approved by the local Election Commission. 

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