The Hillsdale County Board of Election Commissioners has approved the language on recall petitions against two members of the Camden-Frontier School Board. 

Board President Emily Morrison and Trustee Jesse Crow are the subjects of a recall effort in connection with their vote, last month, to retire the Redskins nickname. 

Both petitions were filed by Sarah Wilcox. 

In her petition, Wilcox cited Morrison’s and Crow’s support of a motion to “respectfully retire” the Redskins mascot.

Back on April 17th, The board voted 4-3 to retire the mascot immediately.

The Board of Election Commissioners met Wednesday to determine the clarity and factuality of the petitions. They voted to approve the language,  allowing the recall to move forward. 

Morrison and Crow have until May 22nd to appeal the decision. 

If they do not appeal, Baldwin will have until November 7th to collect 348 valid signatures of voters in the school district. 

If she’s successful, a recall election will be held in May 2024  

Wilcox told WCSR News she was unable to file petitions against Trustees Gary Morrison and Melissa Lautermilch, who cast the other two votes in favor of the change, due to a state law that sets a minimum requirement for time-in-office before they can be recalled.  

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  1. Wish I lived in the school district I would definitely sign that petition

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