A third round of recall petitions has been filed against two members of the Somerset Township board after previous petitions were shot down by the Hillsdale County Board of Election Commissioners. 

Mary Meints  filed petitions against Township Supervisor Tim Shaw and Clerk Michael Bohnet back in April. 

The petitions claimed incompatibility between offices and Improprieties in pay for firefighters. 

The Board of Election Commissioners reviewed and rejected those petitions during a hearing on May 10th. 

Meints immediately filed a second round of petitions; Those were reviewed and rejected by the election commissioners on Wednesday. 

The newest petitions, filed Wednesday, allege that Shaw was involved in the Township’s purchase of property from Somerset Congregational Church where he is a trustee. Meints alleges that Shaw moved forward with the purchase of an ambulance without board approval–

The petition also claims incompatibility in office as Shaw is a firefighter on the township payroll. 

The petition against Bohnet contains similar and related allegations. 

The Board of Election Commissioners has scheduled a hearing for June 14th to determine the clarity and factuality of the latest petition language. 

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