The Hillsdale City Council has approved a modified ordinance aimed at banning camping on public property. 

After a lengthy discussion at Monday’s regular meeting, Council voted 6-2 to approve the controversial ordinance which makes it a civil infraction to set up camp or loiter at city-owned parks or other public property. 

The ordinance was created by the Public Safety committee in response to homeless encampments that have become common around the city in recent years.

In its original form, the ordinance would have made it a misdemeanor to camp on city property.

It was modified after a number of residents turned out for a public hearing to protest the inclusion of possible jail time. 

The Public Safety committee re-visited the issue–They voted to modify the ordinance and send it back to council for approval. 

A civil infraction is punishable by a fine set by District Court.

The fine could be waived at the discretion of the City Attorney. 


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