A member of the Somerset Township Board, who is the target of a recall effort, has denied any wrongdoing by the board. 

Supervisor Tim Shaw and Clerk Michael Bohnet are the subjects of recall petitions filed by resident Mary Meints. 

The Hillsdale County Board of Election Commissioners, last week, approved the language on a third round of recall petitions against Shaw and Bohnet.

The petitions include claims that the two men moved forward with the purchase of an ambulance without the full board’s approval–

Shaw told WCSR News that claim is false. 

Meintz also claimed incompatibility of offices because Shaw serves as a Somerset Township firefighter. 

Shaw said based on the size of the community, it’s not improper for him to serve with the department. 

Meints also claimed that Shaw and Bohnet brokered a deal for the Township to purchase property from a church that they both attend. 

Shaw said the purchase was “on-the-level” and was fair to both the church and the township. 

Meints has until December 11th to collect 605 signatures on each petition for the effort to move forward.

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