The recall effort against two members of the Camden-Frontier School Board has hit a roadblock after the petitions were found to be incomplete and lacking the required number of signatures. That’s according to a letter issued Thursday by the Hillsdale County Clerk’s Office.

Board President Emily Morrison and Trustee Jesse Crow were the subjects of the recall effort due to their vote earlier this year to retire the Redskins nickname.

During the review of the petition signatures that were recently submitted, it was discovered that important information was missing, including the name of the County on a significant number of sheets. One sheet lacked the certification of the petition circulator.

Chief Deputy Clerk Abe Dane said after careful consideration and consultation with the County’s attorney, the Hillsdale County Clerk’s Office determined that the deficiencies in the forms rendered them improper.

As a result, the petitions failed to meet the minimum number of signatures required to trigger a recall election.

According to Michigan Election Law, no new recall petition sheets will be accepted for the current filing since the initial ones were found to be improper.

The recall effort was initiated by Sarah Wilcox, who initially had until November 7th to collect 348 valid signatures of voters in the school district.

The School Board’s decision to retire the Redskins nickname has sparked controversy and divided opinions within the community.

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