An Ypsilanti-based manufacturer of high-tech windows is planning an expansion with a factory in Litchfield. 

LuxWall, is set to establish two energy-efficient window manufacturing facilities–One in Detroit and one in Litchfield.. The $165 million combined project will create 450 jobs and will be supported by a $6 million grant from the Michigan Business Development Program. 

There’s no word on how many of those jobs will be created at the Litchfield facility. 

According to the trade publication, the sites will be the first-of-their-kind, high-volume vacuum-insulated glass production facilities to  house manufacturing, quality control, office space, and laboratories in self contained factories.

The windows produced will be sold to residential and commercial customers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. LuxWall’s CEO, Scott Thomsen  emphasized the company’s commitment to creating high-quality jobs and collaborating with Michigan Works for training programs. 

The project aims to position Michigan as a leader in clean technology and advanced manufacturing. 

According to the company’s website, LuxWall manufactures glass that provides thermal insulation values comparable to fiberglass wall insulation, offering the potential for a massive reduction of global carbon emissions.

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