Officials with the City Of Hillsdale will look at ways to capitalize on the growing popularity of food trucks. 

During a recent meeting of the City Council, the discussion turned to the list of fees charged by the city for facilities and services. 

During the discussion, Councilman Rob Socha commented that there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of food trucks in the city recently—He said there’s currently no way for local officials to hold the owners of the trucks accountable. 

Socha said, while he’s in favor of having the mobile food operations available, it’s unfair for “brick & mortar” restaurants to pay property taxes and fees for other services, while the food truck owners can come & go without city oversight. 

Councilman Bruce Sharp agreed with Socha, saying the city should set a minimum fee for food trucks. 

Councilman Joshua Paladino said other cities charge a percentage of sales.

Mayor Adam Stockford recommended taking the issue to the public service committee for review of possible fees. 

There’s no word on when the committee will take up the issue.

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