Hillsdale City officials say some proposed changes to traffic flow on South Manning, North West, and South West Streets may be coming soon. 

After decades as one-way streets, the plan is to convert both streets back to two-way traffic. 

According to the City’s most recent newsletter, the change would not affect on-street parking and will require minimal effort and expense. 

Five new stop signs will be placed near Bailey Elementary and Davis Middle School, which is expected to slow down traffic, improving student safety.

Bus traffic routing at Davis Middle School will remain unchanged.

However student drop off and pick up will be improved by allowing south-bound traffic to drop off students on the school side, eliminating the need to cross traffic.

The intersection and traffic light at North West and West Carleton Rd will be adjusted to accommodate two-way traffic, with the north-bound lane transforming into a left turn lane. 

All “One-Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs will be removed, and traffic signal programming may be necessary but no new equipment will be required. Officials plan to implement the changes in the coming months, pending approval from the Planning Commission and City Council. 

A public discussion will be held during an upcoming Planning Commission meeting. 

For more information, listeners can contact Planning and Zoning Administrator Alan Beeker at (517) 437-6449 or zoning@cityofhillsdale.org. 

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