The Hillsdale City Council has voted to move forward with the establishment of a Special Assessment District to help fund street repairs on West St. Joe and Griswold Streets.

The estimated cost for the project is $1.2-million, with the majority of funding–about 87%–, expected to come from City Funds. 

The remaining $178,300.00  will be covered through special assessment fees imposed on the 44 properties within the Special Assessment District.
According to city policy, the assessed cost to property owners will not exceed $5,000 per parcel or 25% of the property value.

After a short public hearing that included comments from two residents, Council voted 5-3 to move forward. 

Mayor Adam Stockford, along with Councilmembers Joshua Paladino and Cindy Pratt cast the only votes against the approval. 

The district will include street repairs on  W. St. Joe Street,from Bacon to Barnard Street, and Griswold Street, from Barnard Street to Waterworks Avenue.

Property owners will pay their share over ten years through a $500 annual assessment on their property taxes. 

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