No one was seriously injured in a Monday afternoon double-traffic-crash in Moscow Township, Involving a school bus, a motorcycle and two cars. . 

Hillsdale County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Knowles Road, near Addison Road around 3:30 pm. 

Sheriff Scott Hodshire tells WCSR News, a driver lost control of his vehicle and sideswiped a Hillsdale ISD bus. The at-fault driver claimed his steering malfunctioned.  

There were no injuries in the initial crash, which left debris in the roadway. 

Hodshire said a third vehicle stopped to avoid the debris–That vehicle was struck from behind by a motorcycle. 

The motorcyclist sustained minor injuries, including “road rash.” 

The road was closed for a short time as the accident was cleaned up and investigated. 

Hodshire said  the incident remains under investigation. 

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