With Fall approaching, local authorities are urging drivers to exercise caution as car-deer crashes tend to increase this time of year.

According to  Michigan State Police data, there are  an average of 50,000 car-deer crashes in the state each year. 

To avoid becoming part of this statistic, drivers are advised to remain vigilant, especially at dawn & dusk. 

 It’s also important to note that deer tend to move together, so if one is spotted, it is likely that others are nearby. 

In the event of an unavoidable crash, experts say drivers should refrain from swerving.

 Instead, brake firmly and grip the steering wheel to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop. Drivers should pull off the roadway, activate their emergency flashers, and contact the nearest police agency and their insurance company. For more tips on avoiding car-deer crashes, visit the Michigan State Police website at michigan.gov/msp 

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