There were some scary moments at the Hillsdale County Fair Sunday night as a competitor in the Tuff Truck Race was involved in a rollover crash. 

Spectators watched as Fire & EMS crews responded to the incident, involving the female driver of a Side-by-SIde UTV that was taking part in the event. 

Hillsdale City firefighters were initially called in to set up a helicopter landing zone so the victim could be life-flighted from the scene. 

However, emergency responders opted, instead, to transport the victim to Hillsdale Hospital by ground ambulance. There’s no word on her condition. 

Tuff Truck Competition involves off-road vehicles on a dirt obstacle course–Riders are required to wear protective gear including helmets 

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1 thought on “Tuff Truck Competitor Hospitalized After Crash

  1. I am the female driver. 😁 I am still at Allegiance Henry Ford hospital in Jackson. I have had 2 surgeries and have 2 more this week. I will have more just not sure when. I really just wanted to come out and have fun. I never see women enter and I wanted to show that woman can do it also. It was not my driving or the vehicle fault. We have videos.. it was a fluke accident. When I was turning and gave it some gas to throw some dirt the front tire seemed to catch something and took it over. I was wearing my harness and helmet thank God or this story might be very different. When I went over my arm went over the door so the side by side landed on it bounced at least twice and then skidded to a stop. I want to thank all the emt’s and firemen who helped so quickly and proficiently. I have a long ways to go but I am still breathing. I wasn’t out to prove anything. I just wanted to have fun and show women can do it also.. you only live once and if you don’t do what scares you, you don’t change and you don’t grow.
    My injuries include: a broken clavicle, a broken humerus, a shattered elbow, the ulnar and radius were both broken in two places, and a shattered wrist.
    I wouldn’t tell people to do it, it was scary but I had been riding since I was 7 and thought it would be fun. 😁
    Accidents happen! God Bless! ❤️
    Brenda Webb, Coldwater

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