Advanced technology is making it easier for scammers to trick unsuspecting older adults into sending them money. 

In a new twist on the “Grandparents Scam” criminals are using artificial intelligence to make their pleas for cash sound even more convincing, specifically when impersonating a grandchild or relative in need. 

By using A.I. voice cloning software to mimic the relative’s voice, scammers are able to pull audio from social media videos to sound more authentic. They may also use a “spoofed” phone number that may appears on the caller ID with the relative’s name..

To avoid falling victim to the scams, it is important to spot the red flags.  First, be cautious of late-night calls and urgent pleas for money–Take the time to gather your thoughts and contact your relative using your usual communication method. 

And be wary of requests for unusual payment methods such as mobile payment apps, money wiring, gift cards, or money orders. These methods are often irreversible, and it is recommended to report any suspicious incidents to law enforcement.

To report a grandparent scam, reach out to the Federal Trade Commission at 888-225-5322 or file a complaint online at

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