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Student Falls Through Ice Stranded On Island In Local Lake
Student Falls Through Ice Stranded On Island In Local Lake11/30/2023News / Public ServiceA Hillsdale College student found himself stranded on the island in Lake Winona after he wandered out onto thin ice Monday night.  Chief Scott Hephner tells WCSR News, Hillsdale City firefighters were dispatched to the scene in response to a call that came in as a medical issue.  Turns out the student had wandered onto thin ice when he broke through–Apparently he was closer to the island than to shore when he found himself standing in water that, fortunately, was not over his head.  The student made his way to the island, then called his parents who contacted 9-1-1.  Hephner said crews used ice rescue equipment as they made their way across the ice, breaking through more than once.  The student was returned to shore with no significant injuries. Hephner said the ice rescue equipment did its job in keeping firefighters and the student relatively safe in a dangerous situation!    Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Litchfield City Manager Search Down To Two
Litchfield City Manager Search Down To Two11/22/2023News / Public ServiceOfficials in Litchfield are a step closer to hiring a new CIty Manager.  The list of candidates for the job has been reduced to two finalists.  Jule Hinds of Quincy and WIlliam Joseph, who serves as Village Manager of Paw Paw were interviewed for the job Tuesday.  Hinds and Joseph were among 35 candidates who applied for the position that was vacated when former City Manager Jason Smith resigned last month to take a similar job with the city of Belleville.  Retired City Manager Doug Terry, who served in the role for a number of years, has stepped back into the office in an interim capacity.  The search for Smith’s permanent replacement is being head by the professional search firm Frank Walsh Associates.  A second round of interviews will take place soon, as city officials are hoping to hire a new Manager by the end of the year.    Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Workforce Housing Plan Moves Forward
Workforce Housing Plan Moves Forward11/21/2023News / Public ServiceThe Hillsdale CIty Council has approved a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) arrangement for a Workforce Housing development at the Three Meadows subdivision.  Allen Edwin Residential Builders applied for a 10% PILOT for 15 years to support the project which would include three duplex units, to house a total of six families.  Each unit will be two stories, approximately 1,640 square feet, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an attached garage. Construction is expected to start in spring/summer 2024, with completion scheduled for December 2024.  City Manager David Mackie said the project is crucial because there’s a shortage of more than 160,000 housing units across the state.  He said workforce housing is not Low-Income housing–residents can earn in excess of $100,000 a year.  Mackie said the development isn’t a solution for the housing shortage, but it’s a start.  The resolution to approve the PILOT passed by a vote of 8-1– Councilman Joshua Paladino cast the only vote against the resolution. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Health Department Offers Tips For Safe Thanksgiving
Health Department Offers Tips For Safe Thanksgiving11/17/2023News / Public ServiceWith Thanksgiving less than a week away, the Branch-Hillsdale-Saint Joseph Community Health Agency is reminding listeners of the importance of food safety during Thanksgiving.  The agency’s Public Information Officer, Kris Dewey, offers tips to ensure a safe and tasty meal. Dewey says when thawing a turkey, it’s crucial to note that bacteria begin growing as soon as it starts to thaw. There are three recommended thawing methods: Using the refrigerator, using cold water or utilizing your microwave’s defrost function. Cleanliness and separation are essential when handling the turkey. Bacteria cannot be washed off, so proper cooking is necessary. Use separate cutting boards, plates, and utensils, and wash thoroughly. Cook the turkey to a safe internal temperature of 165 degrees, checking the breast, thigh, and wing.  Allow the turkey to rest for 20 minutes before carving.  Leftovers should be refrigerated within 2 hours and consumed within 3-4 days.  Dewey said a good rule-of-thumb is that leftovers are safe in the fridge until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  She recommends packing leftovers in a cooler when traveling and reheating to 165 degrees before eating.  For more information, visit the Health Department’s website at Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Quincy Teen Gets Double And Bags16 Pointer
Quincy Teen Gets Double And Bags16 Pointer11/17/2023NewsQuincy High School student Caleb Bostic had a once-in-a-lifetime start to his firearm deer season   The 16-year-old brought his 16-point trophy buck to the Jerome Country Market Buck Pole on Wednesday.  Bostic initially bagged an 8-pointer, which was a personal best, but the record was short-lived as the 16 pointer came into range several minutes later.  The 16 pointer was one of 1,100 that were brought to Jerome Country Market by Thursday afternoon.  The buck pole, a community tradition, wrapped up with a prize drawing and the announcement of the BIg Buck Contest winners Thursday evening  Jerome Country Market Buck Pole  Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Scammers Using Tech To Up Their Game
Scammers Using Tech To Up Their Game11/16/2023News / Public ServiceAdvanced technology is making it easier for scammers to trick unsuspecting older adults into sending them money.  In a new twist on the “Grandparents Scam” criminals are using artificial intelligence to make their pleas for cash sound even more convincing, specifically when impersonating a grandchild or relative in need.  By using A.I. voice cloning software to mimic the relative’s voice, scammers are able to pull audio from social media videos to sound more authentic. They may also use a “spoofed” phone number that may appears on the caller ID with the relative’s name.. To avoid falling victim to the scams, it is important to spot the red flags.  First, be cautious of late-night calls and urgent pleas for money–Take the time to gather your thoughts and contact your relative using your usual communication method.  And be wary of requests for unusual payment methods such as mobile payment apps, money wiring, gift cards, or money orders. These methods are often irreversible, and it is recommended to report any suspicious incidents to law enforcement. To report a grandparent scam, reach out to the Federal Trade Commission at 888-225-5322 or file a complaint online at Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Commissioners Discuss Sunday Liquor Sales
Commissioners Discuss Sunday Liquor Sales11/14/2023News / Public ServiceA Camden restaurant is the latest to speak out against Hillsdale County’s “Blue Laws” that prohibit on-premise liquor consumption on Sundays.  Farmhouse Kitchen & Ale has requested the repeal of the current ordinance that prohibits Sunday liquor sales. The law firm representing the restaurant, Carlin Edwards Brown, sent a letter to the County Clerk’s Office seeking assistance in pursuing the repeal.  While carry out package  liquor sales are permitted on Sundays, Hillsdale County is the only county in Michigan that forbids on-premises liquor sales on Sundays. In the letter, The law firm argues that there is no reasonable justification for the distinction and suggests that repealing the law would boost business for local bars and restaurants. The Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners discussed the issue at Tuesday’s regular meeting.  Commissioner Brad Benzing said based on the way the law was initially passed, it cannot be changed by a vote of the Commissioners. It can only be changed by a ballot initiative.  Supporters would need to gather 1,492 petition signatures from registered voters in the county.  The deadline for filing the petitions for the August 6, 2024 ballot is April 30, and for the November 5, 2024 ballot, it is July 30,.  Benzing said repealing the rule would benefit the county. Commissioners Chairman Mark WIley agreed, saying restaurant owners and other interested need to work together to get the issue on the ballot.    Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Bus Driver Shortage Forces Cancelation of Classes at NA-J
Bus Driver Shortage Forces Cancelation of Classes at NA-J11/13/2023News / Public ServiceThe nationwide school bus driver shortage has hit home for one local district, as they’ve been forced to cancel classes today!  Administrators at North Adams-Jerome Schools announced Sunday that classes would be canceled today, due to a lack of drivers.  Officials said they’re working on a plan to resume classes on Tuesday. Families will be notified of Tuesday’s statues via Facebook, Robocall and Robotext.  In a social media post on Sunday, district officials issued a call for anyone interested in being a bus driver to call the district at 517-287-4214, or email Randy Johnson at  Analysts say driver shortages were on the rise prior to the COVID-19 pandemic–they have reached critical levels across the country this year, affecting nearly every district to some degree.    Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Former Priest Sentenced For Sex Abuse
Former Priest Sentenced For Sex Abuse11/10/2023NewsA former Ann Arbor priest, who also served in Hillsdale and Jackson, has been sentenced in connection with a sex abuse investigation that involved incidents dating back to the 1980’s.  74 year-old Timothy Crowley pled guilty, back in August,  to two counts of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct in Washtenaw County Circuit Court.  On Wednesday, Judge Patrick Conley sentenced Crowley to one year in jail and five years probation!  The sentencing was announced by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. In a statement issued by her office, Nessel said Crowley’s case was one of nine that were investigated by the Clergy Abuse Investigation Team–It was the final case to be wrapped up.   Crowley was arrested in Tempe, Arizona in 2019, following an investigation by Michigan State Police into allegations of sexual misconduct involving an altar boy who told investigators he was ten years old when the alleged abuse began in 1982–It continued while crowley served at Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church in Hillsdale in the mid-1980’s and at St. Thomas Rectory in Ann Arbor.  The case was dismissed after a preliminary examination, but the Attorney General’s office successfully had the decision reversed in the Court of Appeals. As part of the sentencing agreement, Crowley will undergo sex offender treatment, and be required to register as a sex offender.  Timothy Crowley  Like this:Like Loading... [...]
Pittsford Woman Injured In Crash
Pittsford Woman Injured In Crash11/10/2023News / Public ServiceA Pittsford woman was injured in a single-vehicle traffic crash in Wheatland Township Thursday afternoon.  Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Pittsford Road, South of Bacon Road around 4:50 pm.  They say Christen Bates was Southbound on PIttsford Road, when she lost control of her vehicle, left the roadway and struck and embankment.  Bate’s vehicle overturned.  She was taken to Hillsdale Hospital by Reading Emergency Unit Ambulance personnel.  There’s no word on her condition.  The crash remains under investigation!  Like this:Like Loading... [...]