Officials at Hillsdale Hospital have announced that the Litchfield Health Clinic will merge with Reading Health Clinic later this month. 

Nurse practitioner Rachel Stump and her team will relocate to the Reading location. 

Officials say the merger is aimed at enhancing the overall patient experience and meeting the growing healthcare needs of the community. Personalized letters and electronic communication have been sent to all Litchfield patients to notify them about the change and assist with transportation arrangements. Patients also have the option to choose a new provider at Hillsdale Health & Wellness or utilize virtual visits.

Litchfield Health Clinic’s last day of operations will be on July 28, and patients are encouraged to reach out to Reading Health Clinic for further assistance. 

In a news release issued Thursday, Hillsdale Hospital announced plans to introduce a mobile clinic in Litchfield in the first quarter of 2024, bringing healthcare services closer to the community.

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