Hillsdale County Schools lead Michigan in the quality of mental health services for students–That’s according to Hillsdale County Intermediate School District Superintendent Troy Reehl—

He addressed the Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners during their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday. 

Reehl credited Lifeways Community Mental Health for their support in helping the ISD receive $900,000 in state mental health funds. 

He said Lifeways provides  $100,000 in matching funds, making the ISD eligible for the larger piece of funding from the state. 

Reehl said many other districts across the state were unable to receive the same level of funding, due to their lack of matching funds. 

He said Hillsdale ISD is a model for other districts. 

However, Reehl said the fact that other districts aren’t utilizing the funding means that state officials are likely to shift some of those dollars elsewhere. 

A portion of the mental health funds will be slated for school safety. 

Reehl also updated the commissioners on the school aid act, which includes $25,000 per local district to be used for school resource officers. 

He said he plans to work with administrators and local law enforcement to determine how those funds will be best spent.


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